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About Sigma Vig sh.a


Sigma VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP "sh.a was established in 1999 and registered in the Court of Tirana with Decision No. 20487 dated 3 February 1999. It's activity is regulated by the articles of Law No. 9901 dated 14 April 2008 "On commercial companies" and Law No. 52 dated 22 May 2014 "On insurance and reinsurance activities and intermediation in insurance and reinsurance", and bylaws issued in its function The regulatory entity for the insurance market is the Albanian Authority. It's main activity is providing insurance for motor vehicles, property, health and other non-life insurance. In 2004 it also started it's activity in Kosovo through its branch.

Sigma VIG had stable performance during 2022. During which we have served more than 160,000 customers by offering our products and we have compensated over 7,500 customers. Compensations amounting to over 12 million euros.
Based on the audit conclusions carried out in 2022, reasonable assurance has been achieved that the activities of the Sigma VIG Company have been carried out in accordance with the legal framework for the insurance market in Albania.


Digitalization of customer service processes continues to be an objective of high importance, because it is one of the priorities of VIG group, therefore we intend to move at the same speed in this direction. We have worked hard to have an improved version of Sivig application and the online sales process, both through the application itself and website. Throughout 2023, we also aim to improve the handling of motor damage, in a shorter time as well as the resolution of possible disputes, without mediators or court proceedings.


On June 23, 2023, the General Assembly of the Company's Shareholders agreed on the return of the company's name to "Sigma Vienna Insurance Group" sh.a.

Information about Sigma VIG sh.a.

Trajtimi i Dëmeve Sigurim Shendeti.pdf Dokumentacioni per demet e prones.pdf Dokumentacioni per Deme motorike.pdf Dokumentacioni per Deme shendetesore.pdf Dokumentacioni per demet e kaskos.pdf Sigurimi i Aksidenteve Personale.pdf Sigurimi i shendetit ne Udhetim.pdf Annual Report 2016-compressed.pdf Annual Report 2017-compressed.pdf Annual Report 2018_compressed.pdf Annual Report 2019_G.PDF Annual Report 2020_final (1).pdf PROTOKOLLI_VERDHE_PERGJITHSHEM.pdf K_P_garanci kontrate_ALB.pdf KP_BANESA_SIVIG_06.12.2019.pdf KUSHTET E PERGJITHESHME TE SIGURIMIT TE MALLRAVE GJATE TRANSPORTIT.pdf Kushtet e Pergjithshme KJ.pdf Kushtet e Pergjithshme Kufitare.pdf Kushtet e Pergjithshme TPL.pdf FINAL CLEAN kontrata kasko me ndryshime.pdf K_P_Profesionale_Shqip.pdf G_T_Civile_Eng.pdf G_T_Proffesional_Eng.pdf K_P_Civile_Alb.pdf Raporti Vjetor 2021.pdf TRAVEL HEALTH Insurance GENERAL CONDITIONS_english.pdf General Conditions of Health Insurance.pdf General Condition of Personal Accident Insurance.pdf Konsolidimi i tregut të sigurimeve - Në vitin 2022 u paguan 55 milionë euro dëme - SHOQATA].pdf Raporti vjetor 2022 2023.07.27_Kushtet e Pergjitshme SHU_ALB.pdf KP_AP_SIVIG _Shendet.pdf 2024.07.12_Raport Vjetor 2023_Special Purpose Financial Statements.pdf